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Baltic Countries: Flexibility will be the key

Baltic Countries: Flexibility will be the key

The working environment of the future will be a more flexible one, with employees able to work when and where they choose. The ability to customise one’s own work will become a normal working practice, allowing people to shape their own career path and choose the projects they work on instead of working in one position or company for an extended period.

Having more than ten workplaces by age of 30 might well be considered a normal career development in the future. And in synchronisation with continuing rapid technological development, employees will use new ways to communicate and collaborate with each other. A remote working model is already becoming more popular in the Baltics each year, especially in the IT sector.

Employers in general are more eager to hire from Generations Y and Z than from those over 50. But as the number of people in working age decreases each year in the Baltics due to demographic and emigration-related reasons, employers will surely be ready to more actively consider candidates in pre-pension age to fill their vacancies.

In the future – as today – employer branding will be the key to retaining existing employees and attracting prospective employees more efficiently. We may also see companies becoming more active in hiring young people with limited experience and providing the necessary training. Otherwise they may look for a job abroad and the Baltic employment markets risks losing them.

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