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Bosnia and Herzegovina: The only constant is change

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The only constant is change

As the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the surrounding region rebounds, the job market is more competitive than ever.  It is estimated that 80,000 people left the country in the last two years alone – all due to labour shortages in the neighbouring states.

This country’s labour force is known for their foreign-language skills and strong work ethic, and therefore job offers from Germany and other Western European countries are common. Despite the dangers of this brain-drain, there is a more positive parallel trend: after several years of work, people tend to return from their work abroad and start new companies of their own in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Human resources, marketing, sales, customer service and management are all being forced to innovate and adapt.  The challenges before the recruitment function in particular become more stringent, due to candidates’ new ease of movement erasing the boundaries of the market. It is becoming even more difficult to find, motivate and retain personnel as a result.

As disruptive innovations create new business models and industries, anticipation of the future of work is becoming very topical. Companies are already seeing changes occur across their organisations in every department and function, and in every location. Only one thing is constant: change itself!

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