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Croatia: HR Days 2016

Croatia: HR Days 2016

The annual HR Days conference organised by MojPosao was held in Rovinj on 17th and 18th March. The conference gathered around 200 HR professionals from the country and the region.

The main theme of this year’s conference were the challenges that many companies are facing today – how to deal with young and talented employees whose work habits and expectations significantly differ from previous generations of employees.

The organisers pointed out that the role of HR is experiencing major changes because the characteristics of leaders are also changing. „The most important thing is to improve the company’s culture and prepare it for the future. The role of HR in this is crucial. HR specialists are the ones anticipating changes and implementing them in the companies even when companies do not understand why the changes are necessary“, said Raimo Mäkilä, Vice President of Alma Media.

Through interactive lectures and workshops, the guest speakers advised how to increase employee engagement and empower people in a modern business environment. „Flexibility is the most important thing in a modern competitive environment. New generations are looking for flexible work hours, coaches they can learn from and time they want to invest in building energy for their long-term career development. To achieve this they need to focus on their mental, emotional and physical energy. We are as strong as our weakest battery. Consider what that means when you are under pressure“, said Koen Gonnissen, Executive Coach and Trainer.  

Alongside Koen Gonnissen participants had a chance to learn from a number of other renowned and inspirational speakers like Jesus Vega, guest lecturer at COTRUGLI Business School, Yannis Koutrakis, IBM’s Area HR Leader for South East Europe, Mireia Montane, coach and lecturer at EADA Business School and many others. At the conference MojPosao also presented the awards for Best HR practices in 2015. The awarded projects have already been implemented and have had a positive result on employees’ quality of work and overall business results.

This year’s conference was more than successful and we are already thinking of ideas how to make the HR Days conference 2017 even better. We are determined to engage top HR specialists in the world and to provide our clients/participants with the programme that will enable them to acquire new knowledge and skills they can put to practice. 

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