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Croatia: The employer image becomes more important

Croatia: The employer image becomes more important

Croatia will continue its recovery from the recession in 2016. GDP is forecast to grow by 1.8% and the unemployment rate decrease to 15.6%. The high unemployment rate and the difficult situation in the labour market were both referred to in the survey conducted by TAU Online.

According to Igor Žonja, Country Manager, Croatia, as much as 90% of the respondents were prepared to leave Croatia and move to another European country. The most popular countries in the survey were Germany and Austria. Reasons for emigration given by the respondents included the economic situation in Croatia and the desire to raise one’s standard of living, Mr Žonja says. However, most of the participants haven’t made the first move toward emigration; 59% of the participants (of the ones who are willing to move abroad) haven’t yet applied for any of the job vacancies in a foreign country.

The economic growth is attracting investments in the area, despite the uncertainty created by the refugee crisis. The economic growth can also be seen in the recruitment market, which is expected to continue its growth. Demand surpasses supply, particularly in the IT sector. The number of job advertisements will grow, particularly on mobile and social media channels, which will increase recruitments. Companies are trying to increase the number of applications they receive by focusing on their employer image.

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