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Croatia: Virtual career fair in the  Balkan region (19-26 October 2016)

Croatia: Virtual career fair in the Balkan region (19-26 October 2016)

Summer vacations are (far) behind us and it’s time for new challenges and job opportunities. MojPosao.net, Croatia’s leading job site and its regional partners Poslovi.infostud.com (Serbia)and Posao.ba (Bosnia and Herzegovina), are organizing traditional Virtual Career and Education Fair which will take place October 19-26 on www.dankarijera.com.

Companies and educational institutions are able to present themselves in 3D virtual environment where they can promote their job ads and educational programs, as well as use the fair’s features like chat and webinar to further improve their brand image in the labor market.

The fair offers companies a low-cost and effective recruitment channel together with a user-friendly platform to connect and engage with job seekers. Visitors/job seekers on the other side have an opportunity to ask questions about the company, work environment, open job positions and the selection process procedure.

„The virtual career fair is an excellent opportunity for all companies who are looking to connect with job seekers, give them an insight into company’s culture and promote themselves as desirable employers“, says Gabrijela Peradenic, Marketing specialist at MojPosao.

There will be two live stream webcasts during the Virtual fair, one for presenting all the exhibiting companies and one for a round table discussion including human resources representatives from the largest companies in Croatia. This year, the basis for the round table discussion will be the results of the research that was conducted among job seekers with the aim to identify the desired/relevant future work skills.

'We are looking forward to the research results in order to identify the skills that young people believe are necessary for future jobs, as well as the benefits they expect in their (future) workplace. Additionally, the round table discussion will provide Croatian companies with a great opportunity to demonstrate what they can offer to younger generations like Gen Y and Gen Z’,  says Gabrijela.

Don’t forget to visit www.dankarijera.com and find out what companies and educational institutions in the Balkans can offer.

If you have more questions about the fair or are interested in participating the fair as a company, please contact Jurica Šarčević, VCF Product Manager at jurica.sarcevic@moj-posao.net.