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Finland: New jobs will be created in small and medium sized companies

Finland: New jobs will be created in small and medium sized companies

The Finnish economy is recovering slowly after the recession, and GDP is expected to grow by maximum of 1% in 2016. Exports will accelerate slightly, but domestic demand will remain modest. The employment rate will remain steady, at around 9%, but periods of employment are expected to become longer due to the structural change in the labour market. No major changes in wages are expected in 2016.

Growing share of the new jobs will be created in small and medium sized companies. Industries with the best growth prospects are the IT as well as the construction and services, Mika Kiiskinen, Country Manager at Monster.fi says. However, some industries suffer from a shortage of competent staff that might even prevent companies from growing. According to Mr Kiiskinen, the IT industry is an example of a sector where the demand and supply of the right kind of expertise do not always meet. Thus, the company’s reputation as an employer becomes increasingly important in sectors that are growing. Having in-depth understanding of specific target group, their passions and aspirations, becomes important factor in winning over the best candidates. This is also affecting job advertising as communicating these competitive advantages in attractive way requires lot of effort and new kind of knowhow from recruiters.

In Finland, purely mobile recruitment campaigns are becoming more and more common. In fact, mobile recruitment is expected to become the norm in Finland in a few years. The companies who are already using this service will have competitive edge in their fields, Mr Kiiskinen concludes. 

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