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HelloWorld! – a new niche site of Monster.cz helps to reach out IT talents

HelloWorld! – a new niche site of Monster.cz helps to reach out IT talents

In the Czech Republic companies are fighting for skilled IT people. Most wanted IT skills include Java, SQL and related technologies, C/C++, JavaScript, .Net + frameworks of those technologies, HPQC, JIRA, and Oracle databases. With very low unemployment rate and very high demand, new channels and new ways of communication are needed to reach out potential candidates. One of the solutions we came up with this January is an IT related niche site called HelloWorld!. HelloWorld! offers visitors information about working in IT as well as about some of the latest trends from this field and of course the latest IT positions posted on Monster.cz. With this site we aim to create a unique and cool content that is interesting and useful for those who either plan to change their career or want to start a new one, or just simply are interested in IT.

At the moment there are five different sections on Helloworld.cz – IT trends, Digital nomads, Girls in IT, Company profiles and IT jobs. All sections include articles about the latest trends, advice how people can improve their skills and career or change their career path. We also interview interesting people working in IT and present companies,that offer IT jobs, in a way that readers will get an idea what it is like to work there. In our calendar section we are tracking all IT events that could be worth to attend and of course we post some cool IT jobs and career opportunities. Next step is to create also some content in English since we think companies will also need to recruit skilled IT people from abroad. In general we see this as a very interesting combination for IT professionals or those who want to become one of them.

What can we offer companies looking for IT candidates? Besides providing an access to  IT community we can help to create a content that interests IT candidates. We can create company presentations and videos as well as appealing articles. Our product portfolio also includes Talent Search service in which we use TalentBin by Monster, the latest technology that enables to reach out IT people. With all of our products we aim to make recruiter’s life easier. So, if you are interested in our new products just contact us!

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