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Hungary: The project of the future

Hungary: The project of the future

According to a study prepared for the World Economic Forum 2016, the fourth industrial revolution is expected to make a dramatic impact on the world economy. When the real and digital worlds fuse into one, working life will become even more automated.

As automated workflows require less human intervention, we can expect realignments on the workforce market. The nature of work could become more creative and value-oriented, favouring professions that require more flexibility and human orientation.

According to trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky, there will be higher demand for project workers who possess easily convertible interdisciplinary knowledge. These employees will particularly benefit flexible and project-based companies (“fluid companies”), who employ them for a definite time (i.e., the project period) on a higher salary level, to make use of their specific knowledge. Note, however, that while highly educated and mobile, these workers do not necessarily have any deep emotional connection to the employer.

We should also mention demographic changes currently taking place on the labour market. Millennials require quite different approaches both in recruitment and employment, as hundreds of studies prove. They have already grown up in the digital era, so IT literacy, mobile communication, online presence are determinant aspects of their lives. They will almost certainly require more freedom, a more pronounced work-life balance, and more meaningful benefits than the current models provide.

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