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Job behind the corner -application opens new opportunities to reach out qualified candidates

Job behind the corner -application opens new opportunities to reach out qualified candidates

Couple of weeks ago we launched a new mobile application called "Práce za rohem“, job behind the corner. It is a mobile application which lists offers in an entered location on the map. We came up with this idea as a the result of innovation incubator which we run last year in co-operation with external consultants. It is very much based on the fact  that location is the most used criteria when searching for a job and according to our survey 65 % of people are even ready to reduce their salaries if they find a job closer to their home.
Other key factor when looking for new solutions to recruit people has been the fact that unemployment rate in Czech Republic is one of the lowest in Europe. This means that  companies are lacking skilled people. Most of the talent they are after are already working somewhere else and to reach out for them, companies need innovative solutions.
If we talk about the benefits of this application, I think there are benefits for both job seekers and employers. For job seekers it will find the nearest, suitable job offers based on their location, typically home address. For employers it offers access to seekers who might not be actively looking for new opportunities. But if a suitable job opportunity near their home appears, they might consider. It also helps employees build employer brand among job seekers who are interested about employers in that area.
Application was just launched in the Czech Republic and at the moment there is only Android application available. Next step will be to launch also iOS application, we hope to do later this spring. The start for the usage of this new application has been very promising and if the product grows as we expect, we can start thinking about possible launch of the same kind of application also on other Alma Career markets.

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