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More targeted services with two strong brands

More targeted services with two strong brands

In the Hungarian market Alma Career is owning and operating two job sites - Monster.hu and Workania.hu. With this two-brand strategy we aim to serve Hungarian job seekers and employers with more targeted products and services. While Monster.hu offers services mainly for companies looking for white-collar job seekers, Workania.hu serves companies looking for blue-collar job seekers.

Monster in Hungary is a great choice for employers who are eager to find high level professionals in the field of IT, engineering, finance and sales says Anna Zétényi. Focusing also on the Millennials, and new generations on the job market, Monster.hu attracts job seekers through innovative products and platforms, like Facebook Apps, TwitterCards, TalentCRM, Premium Profile and Social JobAds, making social media platforms to serve both as employer branding tools and as efficient recruitment channels. Taking quality as priority, Monster approaches talented candidates directly through its marketing and sourcing activities. Monster Premium Search Solution – as a direct sourcing service – is a really efficient recruitment approach when there is a shortage of professionals with special expertise.

According to Tamás Motesicky, Manager of Workania, Workania is the answer for companies looking for candidates in the automotive, manufacturing, logistics, retail or administrative sectors. Workania uses mobile optimized, easy-to-use platform of the Slovak market leader Profesia.sk. With 10 years of experience Workania attracts monthly around 270 000 job seekers looking for new opportunities. Besides of the job site, Workania.hu also offers job seekers and employers information about the salaries. Job seekers can use the salary data of fizetesek.hu to find average salary on their position for free. For companies Workania offers chargeable professional salary analyses.

Our two brands cooperate on multiple levels from marketing and PR to exchanging market data and combining products to help our clients getting best possible value from our services. By publishing a dual job posting on both  sites we can offer significant coverage to our clients on the Hungarian job market.

We combine the reach and penetration of both Monster.hu and Workania.hu Job Boards - helping thousands of multinational clients find talents, managers, specialists they need in IT, Engineering, Finance and other career communities in Hungary. Read more >>