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 Poland: Demand for experience and expertise growing

Poland: Demand for experience and expertise growing

Poland is one of the largest and most interesting economic areas in Europe. The country’s economy is showing positive signs after a period of slow growth. Poland’s GDP grew by approximately 3.5% in 2015, and it will continue to grow in 2016 by 3.5–3.8%.

The positive economic mood can also be seen in the labour market. The size of the working population will increase by 1–1.5%, and the sinking unemployment rate is expected to reach the lowest figure Poland has ever had, 8%, in 2016. Talented employees will have more and more expectations concerning benefits and wages, and employers will need to strengthen their employer images in order to attract the best talent.

Young, generation Y Poles do not commit themselves to one employer for long periods of time, which makes the turnover of employees higher, Bartosz Struzik, Country Manager of Monster Polska says. For this reason, many employers have turned their attention to candidates who are middle-aged or older. Employment relationships are also becoming more varied, and the share of outsourcing and teleworking will grow in the future.

Digital recruitment channels will become more important, and new job advertisement formats, such as videos and games, will become common. The role of new channels, such as Skype, mobile and social media, will also become important. These will become part of the daily business in many companies.

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