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Poland: The landscape is changing faster than ever

Poland: The landscape is changing faster than ever

Technological developments are creating new industries and business models, which push existing companies to adapt their businesses, strategies and resources very swiftly indeed. The further growth of the Internet (both in terms of speed and reach), cloud solutions and social platforms both enables and normalises new ways of working and communicating. Many daily tasks which currently require personnel will be performed via a single click on mobile devices or through robotic labour. Productivity continues to improve in unpredictable ways, changing our work-life balance faster than ever.

The Polish economy continues to grow, requiring additional staff resources. At the same time, unemployment rates are decreasing. We are seeing different kinds of working relationships become common in certain industries. In IT, for example, many employers now hire external freelancers on a project basis, while in manufacturing, the emerging model is to lease employees depending on market seasonality and order book status.

The preferences of the employees themselves depend largely upon their age. Many representatives of Generation X are most interested in permanent labour contracts, while Millennials prefer more flexible agreements, allowing them to move on when the next interesting job opportunity appears on the horizon. Younger people also show more enthusiasm towards working with start-ups, while traditional business models are favoured by experienced candidates still reacting to the recent economic slowdown.<

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