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Serbia: Encouraging foreign investors

Serbia: Encouraging foreign investors

Serbia’s GDP is forecast to grow in 2016 by 1.5%. The unemployment rate has decreasing trend, but is still high (18%). Serbia’s ongoing EU integration process is expected to increase the amount of foreign capital invested in the country.

“Due to the challenging labour market and high unemployment rate, job advertisements receive a large number of applications in reply. The most active recruiters in Serbia are companies from the sectors of sales and IT and technical sectors. Our government has encouraged foreign investors to invest in Serbia and promised to support each new job opening. I believe that this will make Serbia more appealing to international companies as a place for launching service centres in different fields,” says Sonja Ćetković, Employment and HR websites Director of Infostud 3 d.o.o.

In Serbia people are mostly highly educated and very willing to move to other countries, mostly EU countries, with better standard of living. Like in Croatia, demand surpasses supply, particularly in the IT sector.  "This means that employers need to use new kinds of recruitment campaigns and strengthen their reputation as employers in order to attract top talent and reach passive job-seekers", Sonja Ćetković continues.

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