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Serbia: The fight-for-talent era begins

Serbia: The fight-for-talent era begins

We are now in the opening stages of a new paradigm in the employment market. Employees will soon be changing jobs more often than ever, and will be less loyal to companies – focusing more on their personal development. Accordingly, to retain talent companies will have to pay more attention to the training and development of their employees, and to the constant improvement of working conditions. The fight-for-talent-era is upon us.

The trend in our market is for the expansion of IT personnel. There are young people who keep up to date with the new technologies and the Internet, and these technologies are not available to them in existing workplaces. Young people do not want to behave and acquire skills for work positions that fit the established patterns and procedures, and are more focused on so-called “micro learning” and “instant learning” options.

Through cooperation with educational faculties and the provision of scholarships, it is still possible to attract young people with the potential to develop in the direction our companies need to, especially if they are acquiring skills currently scarce on the labour market.

In this context, there is an increasing need within companies to establish a team in charge of training and talent development. Employers should also take care not to overlook the possibility of retraining existing staff in whom development potential has been recognised.

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