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Virtual Career Fair in the Baltic region will take place 20-27th April, 2016

Virtual Career Fair in the Baltic region will take place 20-27th April, 2016

In 2009,  MojPosao launched the first Virtual Career Fair (VCF) in Croatia being the 5th country in the world offering employers an easy way to connect with job seekers virtually. One year later, VCF was expanded to cover the whole Balkan region when Infostud in Serbia and Posao.ba in Bosnia and Herzegovina joined MojPosao to organize regional career fair. "That year the education part was also added to the fair, because we wanted to promote lifelong development and learning opportunities to the candidates", Jurica Sarcevic, Product Manager of VCF, tells.

During the years MojPosao has developed VCF platform further and this year it will be used also to run the first VCF in the Baltic countries. “We believe this product offers clients an interesting tool to build their employer brand, effective low-cost recruitment channel and highly effective and user friendly platform to connect and engage with the job seekers” Jurica says. Other benefits for both employers and candidates are that event is not tied to certain place or time and it offers opportunity in two-way communication. Job seeker can easily learn more information about employers and employers can also connect with wide number of job seeker even from the other side of the world.

What about next steps? Latest regional fair in 2015 was a real success story with 60 exhibitors promoting 300  open vacancies and with 256 000 candidates looking for new job opportunities. This year the platform was developed to be totally responsive. "In 2015 share of mobile visitors grew to 35% and the prediction for 2016 is that number of mobile visitors will exceed number of desktop users. So we just need to be mobile", Jurica says. Next VCF in the Balkan region will be organized in October 2016. But before that there will be VCF organized for the first time also in in Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

VCF in the Baltic region will take place on 20-27th April. Aivis Brodinš, Business Manager at CV-Online Latvia says Virtual Career Fair is a perfect product for the Baltics, where the unemployment rate is decreasing and the number of job offers is increasing. Virtual Career Fair helps companies to stand out, build positive and modern employer brand and engage with the potential candidates. What makes the VCF interesting for employers is the fact that they can reach candidates from all of the 3 countries at once. Career Fair will be organized under the URL www.BalticCareerDays.com, but there will be local websites in each of the Baltic countries as well. Moreover this is the first time something like this is organized on the  Baltic market, so expectations to have high interest from both employers and job seekers are also high, Aivis confirms.

If you are interested in engaging with the job seekers from the Baltic markets and participate the fair, please contact Aivis Brodinš aivis@cv.lv

If you are interested to use the VCF platform also on your market, please contact Jurica Sarcevic jurica.sarcevic@moj-posao.net