Meaningful work experience period for young people in Finland

The goal is also to make TET periods more meaningful for both employers and interns and encourage more companies and young people to make the most out of this opportunity.

Acquaintance with working life (TET) forms a part of the formal school curriculum. The three-year development project is based largely on the development opportunities of TET periods highlighted by the report by the Finnish government published in spring 2022.

A number of young people and educational institutions are involved in the development. Improving the equality of young people in their access to working life is one of the key objectives of the project. The Ministry of Education and Culture backs the project to involve young people in need of special support for TET periods.

TET weeks in accordance with the new concept were carried out in the project’s associate companies in the spring and autumn. This year, a service will be launched to significantly increase the number of publicly available TET positions through business cooperation.