Our team

Meet our local leaders

  • Agu Vahur


    The mission of our team is to create opportunities so that every member of our society would find best matching job opportunity. We do it through technologies that are supported by marketing activities and recruitment consultancies. People with scientific degrees, as well as people with special needs, all varieties in between is our focus. All our employees are recognising their role in society - help individuals to develop and organisations to function.

  • Kaire Kleesment

    Head of HR and Recruitment

    Our aim is to keep all our team members, candidates, and recruitment clients happy. You can call us the matchmaker of the workplace. We play sometimes detective, finding the perfect job-employee love story. Sometimes we are the guardian angels, making sure our employees feel at work as fantastic as at the beach vacation. We entrust our employees with autonomy and trust, as each team member is brilliant and a genuine expert in his/her respective area.

  • Indrek Harjak

    Head of Sales

    Our focus is on genuine client connections, where trust and value take precedence over transactions. Our philosophy ties financial success to exceptional service, guided by a friendly and empathetic approach. The sales team serves as ambassadors, emphasizing know-how, trust-building, and genuine rapport. Navigating the ship involves a continuous commitment to delivering value, understanding evolving client needs, and adapting to exceed expectations. We believe that when our customers succeed, we succeed.

  • Karla Oder

    Head of Marketing

    As an experienced marketer, I know that it is important to choose the right recruitment channels to reach your target audience in order to face the challenges of today's world of work. Alma Career team undoubtedly has both the technology and the people to overcome these challenges. With our marketing team, we want to be your best partner on this path and help you find the best solutions.