A Guide to creating an excellent employee experience!

The Pulser tool is the leading platform for measuring employee satisfaction in Croatia. 16 years ago, the Employee Satisfaction Survey (now PULSER) was launched as a project aimed at spreading awareness among employers about the importance of listening to the attitudes, opinions, and needs of their employees. The goal of the project was to be useful for both employers and employees.

Over the years, we have developed tools that, with concrete data and results, can help you increase employee productivity, retain existing and attract potential employees, increase overall satisfaction, and ultimately improve business results. It is a survey composed of 78 questions distributed within nine categories, with the possibility of adding additional questions. The reports obtained help you detect potential problem areas as well as prevent potential challenges. In addition, they give you a picture of the strengths of the company as well as its employees.

The results of the research are presented in three reports:

  • Basic report: presentation of ratings by all categories, total result of engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty;
  • Additional report: presentation of the results of all years of participation (the company must have conducted at least two surveys); and
  • Comparative (benchmark) report: which will give you a clear picture of how you stand in relation to the other companies that conducted the research, according to the basic and specific activity.

We succeeded in getting companies to recognize the importance of employee satisfaction research and to include the results of the research as one of the KPIs.

All companies that conduct research have the opportunity to participate in the selection process for the prestigious award. At the end of the year, the companies that achieve the best satisfaction rating from their employees win one of the TOP 3 places by company size, the award for

  • Best New Entry (for companies that conduct research for the first time),
  • Best of the Best (the best rating compared to all companies), and a
  • reward according to a specific activity.

In addition to the right to use the Best Employer badge with the indicated year and the wonderful award that takes its well-deserved place on the premises of the winner's company, we must not forget about strengthening employer branding, which has a special weight.