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Drawing in top-notch candidates today is no walk in the park, and crafting a compelling job advertisement is an even tougher nut to crack. Steering clear of cookie-cutter ads that get lost in the sea of others, emphasizing the key details while omitting the extraneous fluff - these are just a few of the nuances that set you apart. That's precisely why MojPosao has been the go-to solution for all your candidate search conundrums for countless years.

A conference that offers everything you need in one place!

HR Days conference is one of those unforgettable places that you must visit and that you will always come back to! Be a part of unforgettable days filled with inspiration, knowledge, and fun, at an event that will bring together HR professionals who are changing the world of human resources! Professionals like you!

Be confident when deciding on salaries!

How do you set a salary policy in your company? Do you want to compare the salaries of your employees with those of similar companies? Are you opening a new position and don't have information to determine the starting salary? With the MojaPlaća service, you can find out information about salary details based on the location of your company, employees' years of experience, education, and more.

Changes we want to see in the world!

After much effort and a significant number of hours invested, you have successfully implemented a project that has achieved everything you envisioned. You have increased employee satisfaction, improved processes that were lagging, and contributed to better business results. Share your project with the world and participate in the selection for the Best Regional HR Practices!

The must-see destination for a successful season!

Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure? Sign up now and let's dive into the digital world of possibilities together because the start of the year is the ideal time for another virtual gathering of employers and job seekers. For 10 days, the virtual job fair will offer you the chance for swift and effortless communication with potential candidates. The preparations for the season are already underway!

Discover knowledge, empower the future: Your path to learning starts here!

In today's digital age, education has become more accessible than ever before. EduCentar is the leading portal that revolutionizes the way users get their desired education. This portal is not only the largest of its kind, but it also represents a place where both individuals and companies can find plenty of resources for improving their knowledge and skills.

Mirror, mirror, who among us is the most desirable?

There are rumors circulating about you, us, and them. We have always had a strong inclination for conversation, discussing various topics, and the more scandalous the subject, the more enjoyable it is. In the business world, it is impossible to ignore the topic of discussing the most desirable employers. Which employers are in high demand, how can you enter their ranks, and what qualities do they have that you lack? If you listen carefully, the public will reveal the truth to you. There is a reason why we have two ears and only one mouth!

Dive into the virtual world of opportunities!

When October arrives, we know that it's time for our Regional Job Fair. It is a location that brings together the most skilled individuals and employers from various sectors of the economy. All you need is internet access and a positive attitude, and you can begin browsing through personalized virtual booths. This event is a must-attend for every employer due to its fast communication, engaging content, job advertisements, and laid-back regional atmosphere.

A Guide to creating an excellent employee experience!

Through the Pulser platform, you can easily, quickly, and reliably measure employee satisfaction, their engagement, eNPS, ESI, and key motivational factors. Find out how you compare to other companies in your industry and the best employers in Croatia.

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Our mission is to explore the ever-changing job market landscape. We continuously question, analyze, and experiment with new approaches to find the optimal solutions for you. Together, let's build a superior job market that benefits all generations!