Be confident when deciding on salaries!

MojaPlaća is a tool that will help you discover and compare salaries for more than 600 positions and the amount of net salary for each specified position. Alma Career Croatia has been conducting salary research since 2005. Our platform is part of an international system operating in other countries ( that uses the same methodology for acquiring, collecting, and processing data in research as well as their evaluation.

The PayLab tool provides a detailed analysis of salaries, taking into account region, gender, education, experience, company size, ownership type, and primary activity of the company. It is a live system that continuously collects data, with daily entries ranging from 100 to 500 users. The data is updated daily with the participation of each new participant. The research methodology automatically detects any extreme or duplicate values, which are not included in further calculations. Regression and evaluation models are used for each quarter, ensuring the maximum timeliness of the data.

In the report, you will receive the following information:

  • salary ratios,
  • salary structure,
  • total salary based on work experience (junior/middle/senior),
  • salary based on company size, s
  • alary by county, age groups, and f
  • inancial and non-financial benefits for a specific job position.