Mirror, mirror, who among us is the most desirable?

Our Top Choice Employers research is a long-standing, annual study. Its purpose is to uncover the most attractive employers in the Croatian job market according to the general public.

Each year, respondents create a list of the companies they would most love to work for and share the reasons why these employers have earned their spot on their "most desirable" list. It's important to note that our research method relies solely on respondents' perceptions, using the "Top of Mind Awareness" approach.

Our reports contain valuable insights into who the most desirable employers are and provide a detailed analysis of the reasons behind their appeal. We offer four comprehensive reports that serve as excellent tools for shaping your employer branding strategy:

  • Basic Report: This provides a comprehensive overview of the research results.
  • Competitive Report: Explore the brand image of a competitor company within the top 20 employers.
  • Individual Report: Gain insights into the brand image of companies within the top 20 based on the gathered research data.
  • Industry-specific Report: Delve into a detailed analysis of specific industries based on the research findings.

As part of our First Choice Employers offering, we also provide organizations with the opportunity to understand how their company is perceived by current and potential employees through our Employer Brand Awareness research. You'll gain insights into:

  • Organization's image and reputation
  • Compensation and career progression
  • Interpersonal relationships and corporate culture
  • Job attributes and characteristics.

We're here to conduct public opinion research for your company. Let the data speak, and be sure to listen!