The Best HR Practices

Changes we want to see in the world!

The history of recognition for successful HR practices dates back to 2010. , when Alma Career Croatia commenced evaluating and awarding quality practices in the field of human resources.

Since 2022, the Best HR Practices have expanded to the region, allowing companies from Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia to apply. For the first time, they have become the Best Regional HR Practices, and to date, the expert jury, composed of professionals in the field of human resources, has assessed over 290 submitted projects.

In this selection, all companies can participate with their successful projects dedicated to company development, as well as individuals. Good practices lead to progress, regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant they may appear. Over the years, we have learned that practices such as introducing a new mentoring model, engaging with the local community, employee recognition, or shorter working hours can significantly impact not only employee satisfaction but also the overall business results of the company.

All submitted projects first undergo the expert scrutiny of the jury, with the best ones having the opportunity to present themselves further at the largest gathering of the HR community, the HR Days conference, and thereby earn additional points from the audience. After the voting of those present at the conference, the winners are announced. In 2023. , we have introduced categorization by size:

  • small and medium-sized companies (up to 250 employees) and
  • large companies (250 or more employees).

Today, the recognition of the Best Regional HR Practices is a prestigious confirmation of a company's success, setting them apart from the rest in the labor market and attracting interested candidates.