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We think and act together because we believe that the best solutions are born through joint action and discussion.

  • Andrius Kaupys

    Business manager

    Our goal is to have the best content for job-seekers in the market, as well as smooth first steps of path to career, by making the search and visibility of matching job ads within our system, social media and web as efficient as possible. We stive for technological advancement and offer tailored recruitment solutions to our customers, by evaluating the needs and being able to provide a wide scope of online, marketing and recruitment consultancy services to employers.

  • Laura Stanionytė

    Head of Sales

  • Rasa Masteikienė

    Head of Recruitment

    Our core focus in the recruitment business is ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. We act as the middleman between the employer and the candidate, creating a win-win model for both parties. Happy candidate - happy client - happy recruiter! While it may seem very easy, achieving this balance is only possible with high-level expertise. Our close partnership with clients enables us to undestand the dynamics of the labor market, as well as their personnel and resourcing needs. This understanding allows us to effectively manage full recruitment cycles for various roles. We are here for you and your recruitment needs!

  • Aivaras Pauga

    IT manager

  • Rita Karavaitienė

    Marketing manager