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Are you here because you are interested in working with us at Alma Career Slovenia? Our international company, part of a group with more than 700 employees in 11 countries across Europe, boasts diversity from different cultural backgrounds. Our organization, built on a matrix model, encourages intensive international cooperation, brings plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development, and offers continuous learning.

Nevertheless, we maintain local authenticity, the so-called 'local heart'. Transparency, open communication, respect for everyone and acceptance of diversity are the key values of our business culture.

There is no strict hierarchy here, but we cultivate a 'you' communication style and accessibility at all levels. If you share our values and believe in our common potential for growth, you are in the right place!

What's it like working here?

What's in it for you

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    It looks like a walk in the park at first, but we work really hard. There are no slackers here, and no bullies either. The pace here is really fast, so we don’t have much time to train juniors. But don't worry, we stand by you.

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    Our job is our hobby, so we are expected to put a lot of effort into it.

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    We implement a hybrid work model that allows you flexibility in your work schedule according to your personal needs. We work in the office three days a week, and the rest can be done from home.

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    We appreciate the importance of work-life balance. Take a break when you need it. You decide when... :)

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    We need proactive people who can work in a state of controlled chaos, without getting too hung up on technicalities.

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