Careers at Alma Career

Create a better world of work with us

In a single word, we simply connect... the right people with the right companies. We are part of Alma Career, an international technology group whose products are already improving the world of work in eleven European countries. As a result, our vision is to continually deliver the best solutions for candidates and companies, education and employee satisfaction.

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What's it like working here?

Why join us?

  • Meaningful work

    At our company, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world by providing HR solutions and services that help employers and job seekers connect and succeed.

  • Learning and development

    We are committed to supporting our employees' professional growth through training and development opportunities, so you can continuously learn and improve your skills.

  • Collaborative environment

    Our team members work collaboratively across multiple markets and countries, allowing you to build relationships and share knowledge with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

  • Innovative culture

    We value creativity and innovation and encourage our employees to bring new ideas and perspectives to our work.

  • Inclusive workplace

    We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and to providing equal opportunities for all job seekers.

  • Flexibility and work-life balance

    We understand the importance of work-life balance and offer flexible working arrangements to support our employees' personal and professional needs.

  • Career advancement opportunities

    Our employees have the opportunity to grow and advance their careers within our company, with opportunities for promotion and leadership roles.

  • Social responsibility

    We are committed to promoting social responsibility and sustainability in our business operations and support various initiatives to create a better world.

  • Fun and supportive culture

    We believe that work should be enjoyable and offer a supportive and positive work culture where our employees can thrive and succeed.

What matters to us at work


We can do our work well when we know our role in the company and the role of our team. If we don't understand something, we proactively ask questions. When something goes wrong, we look to learn from the mistake and move the company forward. We don't wait for our superiors to assign work; instead, we take ownership of the tasks assigned to us and strive to complete them to the best possible results. We are also not afraid to make decisions and expect that if we go beyond our competence, our colleagues will point it out to us.


We believe in the quality of our colleagues' work. This allows us to rely on each other, because none of us wants to make the work of others unnecessarily difficult. If someone is not keeping up or is not doing well, we offer a helping hand. And we have one common goal - to improve the world of work. We can't do it alone, even if we tried our best. That's why we keep a friendly and constructive atmosphere between us to make it easier to get there.


We are close to each other and want to create a better world of work for ourselves. We respect each other and know that life involves difficult situations. When they come, we don't throw sticks at each other, but always try to support each other. We are not prejudiced against each other, so everyone can find a safe environment for work.