What exactly does Alma Career do?

Our story

When Libor Malý went to register the Jobs.cz domain in 1996, nobody really knew what would come of it. It was the first registered commercial domain to appear on the Czech internet – we were even here before Seznam.cz.

 Today, Alma Career Czechia (formerly LMC) is the largest provider of labor market services in the Czech Republic. We operate job portals, a recruitment platform, corporate training, employee survey tools and provide labor market data. We’re a part of the international Alma Career group and our mission is to create a better world of work for everyone.

  • Registering the Jobs.cz domain


  • We launched the Prace.cz portal

    The second largest job portal receives 1.8 million responses to job postings per year.

  • Sale of LMC to Alma Media

    The Finnish media group originally focused on print media. They invested in LMC mainly to expand their scope to include services for the labor market. Milan Jasný, who joined the company in 1998 as its second employee, took over management this year.

  • Seduo.cz starts to rise

    The largest online education portal. More than 330,000 students have already started studying courses there.

  • We crossed the Polish border with the Praca za rogiem app

    The mobile app, available in the Czech Republic under the name Práce za rohem, is the first of our products to move abroad.

  • Linking up with Profesia

    Profesia.sk has long been our partner portal in Slovakia. This year we also joined up on an organizational level. We started addressing strategy and further development in the region together.

  • Membership of the international Alma Career group

    Our story will continue to be written, but under the Alma Career banner. We now coordinate our activities with ten other European markets. We can be an even better partner to our clients, especially when it comes to their international operations.

Do you want to work with us on this?

The people who work with us at Alma Career to create a better world of work are central to our story. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Take a glimpse into how we work and who we’re looking for here.