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Established in 2008, Duapune is the largest job board in Albania. Duapune has an online community of over 300,000 followers, fans and connections between Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels. It is one of the pioneers of online services and represents a unique and reputable online brand for jobs and careers. Its brand is known beyond Albania as it is well-positioned in the Kosovo market and the Albanian-speaking part of Western Macedonia. Duapune offers help with managing positions and applicants, training and support, and company profiles.

Did You Know:
The Albanian workforce is characterized by their language skills, known for their adaptation to different foreign cultures. They do usually expect the salary to be visible in job ads.

Statistics from www.duapune.com

  • Unique visitors / month

  • CV Database


  • Average monthly salary: 428€
  • Unemployment rate: 11.9 %
  • Population: 2.9 M
  • Member of EU: No

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Biggest industries

  • Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism

Recruitment tips:

Be where the job seekers are
  • Use a dedicated employment portal for recruiting.
Be professional
  • The hiring process needs to be very professional, from the initial posting of your announcement on the portal through until the final step.

*Salaries vary between locations and industries. Visit www.paylab.com to learn more about salaries.

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