We thrive on building
a better world of work
for everyone.

Social responsibility and sustainability

Alma Career social responsibility focuses on inclusive employment. Our main target is to create a better world of work for everybody and include absolutely everyone in the labor market. Inclusivity means that we are accessible to everyone in the world of work. We do not discriminate, and we treat everybody equally in all countries and regions where we operate. Inclusivity means that Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of our daily operations. Alma Career is a pioneer and promoter of inclusive employment.

The Alma Career social sustainability goal is to promote the discriminated and unseen potential of the labor market for the benefit of the society. Alma Career has several ongoing work-life inclusion projects, and inclusion is the clear common dominator.

Responsible business

Alma whistleblow channel for reporting suspected misconduct 

Responsible business is important for all at Alma Career and its mother company Alma Media.  Alma Media is a stock listed company and complies with regulatory rules. Therefore, it is important for Alma that the principles laid out in the Code of Conduct  are implemented and adhered to in practice. If you should observe any violations related to compliance with Alma Media’s Code of Conduct, the Group’s other operating principles or legislation, report these observations via the Alma Whistleblow channel.

Our major projects

Profesia Lab in Slovakia

Profesia Lab is a space for meaningful cooperation between employers, non-profit organizations, schools, and HR and career advisors with the same goal: to increase the employment of people with disabilities in competitive labor market. Take a closer look at how it works.

World Bank project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Alma Career's local Kolektiv in Bosnia and Herzegovina runs a project in cooperation with World Bank providing counseling, matching and training services for low-skilled and inactive women. 

Mental health support in by Jobly in Finland

Jobly has done and will continue to do content cooperation with MIELI ry.