2018's four most successful recruitment tips for Latvia

The year 2018 brings a breath of fresh air into the recruitment market of Latvia. Many of the growing trends are already familiar from last year, although they are more important than ever. Generation Z is entering the labour market which challenges recruiters to come up with new and better solutions. Here are four of the most important tips for a succesful hire.

1. Salary information on the job ad

Every person posting and receiving job ads has probably heard this before, but it is still worth mentioning. Our team in Latvia recently found through their analytics, that job postings with salary information on them received several times over the number of applications when compared to postings without salary information.

2. Personal posting

Many companies rely purely on the idea that the position they have available is interesting enough to attract candidates, but this is the wrong way to think. In Latvia (and many other countries across our region) the job market is suffering from a shortage of employees. This situation is great for the job seeker, but companies do need to pay extra attention to the design of their job postings and make an extra effort to be sure that their postings show their company culture.

3. Advertising campaigns 

While this has already become a trend, our colleagues in Latvia predict full advertising campaigns for a job posting or postings will become the norm in the industry, with campaigns launched not only on job portals but also on social media, Google and other digital media, with campaigns like this best done with the help of recruitment professionals.

4. Innovative technologies

Recruiters are seeing the need for technologies such as ATS, chatbots and such to make the recruitment process more effective.

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