Alma Media invites its suppliers to sign ethical guidance, Supplier Code of Conduct

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of Alma Media’s operations, and Alma Media Supplier Code of Conduct (CC) – the ethical guidance for Alma Media suppliers, subcontractors and service provides – is a concrete action to promote responsible business environment.

Alma Media’s partner management is based on continuous enhancement of open cooperation, value creation and effective performance for the benefit of both parties. Alma Media wants to be a fair and reliable partner. The ethical guidance applies in all Alma Media’s operating countries and its partners are obliged to follow the principles in their own business. Code of conduct principles are an integral part of any agreement Alma Media enters into.

Alma Media Supplier Code of Conduct (CC) covers the Governance commitment of Alma Media ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) responsibility. Governance responsibility in the Code of Conduct guidance includes topics like preventing corruption, bribery, and human rights violations in business operations. It also includes equal treatment of partners, fair competition and treatment of customers and compliance with laws & regulations. Further, it includes careful handling of customer data, respect for intellectual property rights & confidentiality and ensuring safe online services with zero severe fraud incidents.

Alma Media has committed to have 50% of major subcontractors to sign Alma Media’s code of conduct in 2022. Supplier code of conduct is collected with an online tool in Alma Media countries and all sizes of suppliers to Alma are welcome to sign it.

Join us in creating a more ethical business environment! Review the Alma Media ethical guidance for subcontractors, suppliers and service providers and sign the supplier code of conduct on your company’s behalf.