Alma Media is the new organiser of the recruiting event UusioUra

UusioUra is a recruitment and career coaching event for job seekers over 45 years of age. It was first held in 2019. Going forward, Alma Media will be the event organiser. Riitta Rouhiainen, founder of Uusioura and CEO of Marketing Bravuur, continues as an expert.

– The event provides a lot of recent information on the topic, but it also seeks to change perceptions of workers over 45 years of age. One of the most important principles of a responsible employer is non-discrimination. Yet many in this age group face partially unnecessary obstacles in the rapidly changing working life, says Riitta Rouhiainen, producer of the UusioUra event.

According to Rouhiainen, thankfully, the labour market has already realised the potential of senior jobseekers.

– When it comes to organising this event, I have wanted to share responsibilities. I believe this event has a lot of opportunities for growth and all the opportunities have not yet been utilised tote full to employ this segment. Further, for the exhibitors and partners of the event, the event will provide better and more effective opportunities for finding employees/students in the future. In cooperation with Alma Media, UusioUra will rise to a new level and hopefully it will expand to other parts of Finland as well.

Kirsi Stenberg, Director of Business Events at Alma Media, is also pleased that Alma Media will host this important event going forward.

– UusioUra is a great complement to our event offerings as we want to contribute to concrete encounters between employees and employers. Sleeves have been rolled up and production of the event is in full swing. We welcome all companies providing employment to join our cause,” Stenberg urges.

There are a lot of different recruitment and job search events in Finland focusing on students or young people who need help to find employment. Annika Ruola, marketing director of Monster and part of the Alma Media Group, notes that events where older jobseekers would be targeted are rarely held.

– Alma Media wants to serve all age groups, from middle school age to senior professionals considering new career opportunities — we strongly believe that age does not define human potential. From an individual's perspective, being employed or finding a new career can bring a sense of relevance and happiness and improve one’s quality of life. From the point of view of the welfare society, it is crucial that employers and employees would meet in a best possible way, since given that the shrinking working-age population, employment of senior cohorts is more important than ever in Finland, Ruola continues.

Swedes ahead in the employment rates

According to Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Finland could have more than 80 000 more employed people if the employment rate of 55 to 64 years of age would reach the level of Sweden. Finland's working-age population has decreased cumulatively by about 140,000 people between 2009 and 2020 and is projected to decrease further by 76,000 persons by 2040.

– It is true that Sweden has different labour market legislation. In Finland, one major problem of encountering — job location — can be overcome through digitalisation, for example when the work is not site-specific and can be done remotely. Another bottleneck, a lack of needed skills, can be remedied by appropriate training. As working life changes rapidly, for example because of organisational change, many are forced to change their jobs and even professions during their careers. There is a need for constant updating of the necessary knowledge and skills. Lifelong learning has become part of securing one's position in the labour market, Ruola says, and continues:

– In particular, employment for middle-aged people and older can be challenging, although we may be at our best working age at that age. According to research, Finns over 45 years old are engaged, flexible, vigorous, self-directed and innovative. Preventing age discrimination and unwarranted prejudices, requires action and long-term work.

The next UusioUra will be held on 1 February 2023 at the Helsinki Cable Factory. It is aimed at all unemployed jobseekers and working people over 45 of age, interested in trying or applying for a new job or study position. An opportunity to network and discuss with employers and to hear speeches on topics such as future working life skills, recruiter selection criteria and marketing of their own skills will be provided. In addition to companies and educational institutions, many organisations promoting employment will be among the exhibitors.

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