Alma Media unites its network to support Ukrainians

A significant part of Alma Media business and personnel is in Central Eastern Europe and Slovakia shares a border with Ukraine. Refugee flow is growing: over 1M women and children entering Slovakia, Poland and Czechia and correspondingly Ukrainian male migrant workers are leaving to take part in the war. The vast humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Ukraine and causing uncertainty and anxiety in all of our operating countries and touches especially deeply our colleagues in Alma Career. We feel the intense pressure to conduct concrete acts as a company and have come together in helping Ukranians by:

Czechia: Categorizing job offers as “suitable for refugees from Ukraine” and coordinating legislative changes in favour of Ukrainian refugees with Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Slovakia: Hiring Ukrainian-speaking personnel to help find jobs for Ukranian refugees. Free job advertising and help for NGOs in finding Ukranian speaking coordinators. Profesians donating blood in their office. 

Finland: Offering pro bono campaign space for donations to Red Cross. Red Cross donation button for direct donations of individuals and businesses placed on websites. Publishing Unicef’s fundraising campaign. Iltalehti donates 50% of today’s single copy sales to Red Cross and to Unicef. 

Joint Baltic action in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania: Developing a new category for refugee-suitable jobs and free job ad campaign for these. Call to action to clients and employers.

Croatia: Offering Red Cross and Unicef free job advertising for volunteers and free PR articles for donations or supplies. Helping Refugee Receiving Associations with job search and trainings for refugees. Job category for foreign workers to help Ukrainians in finding jobs.

Alma Media: Donating 20.000 € for People in Need, one of the largest NGOs in Central Europe to help victims of war in Ukraine. The donation will be channelled via Czechian & Slovakian operations as one element in activating the local companies to join humanitarian aid. We can make an impact by harnessing the power of our strong digital network in co-operation with our stakeholders, customers, users, NGOs, and employees.  We have the momentum to prove our local heart to the societies around us.