Bosnia and Herzegovina: Work flexibility and headhunting among growing trends in 2017

Based on the research that Kolektiv- agency conducted amongst clients, big buzzwords in HR industry are work flexibility and compensation packages, good working environment and headhunting & recruitment outsourcing. Headhunting is just becoming popular in BiH, especially for top level professionals. In addition, there is a trend of outsourcing recourses for recruitment and companies rely more and more on agencies such as to find a perfect candidate for them instead of allocating their integral resources.

Jobseekers in BiH are becoming more open to change jobs and consider career planning. Furthermore, they have a much clearer picture of expectations in terms of working conditions and the trends are indicating that increasingly appreciated a good working environment and working conditions in terms of added benefits. Moving abroad for new jobs is a continues trend for the past few years and certainly will continue in 2017.

Fair compensation is most important to all age groups, genders and ethnicities almost unanimously around the world based on several studies. Once you get past pay, then the two most important employee benefits are health care coverage and work flexibility, a benefit that wasn't mainstream a decade ago but is today because of the sheer demands of work. A recent study claims that compared to two years ago, work flexibility is the top employee benefit (over healthcare in 2014) globally yet only a third of companies offer it. Even the companies that offer at least some degree of work flex aren't actively promoting those programs to employees or job seekers, who are spending more time researching companies before applying for jobs. Domestic companies are trying more than ever to offer top notch terms, especially in senior position. The main reason behind this is to ensure that their top employees will be part of their long-term strategy in the upcoming years.

A better working environment varies from employer to employer, industry to industry. Domestic companies have learned that employees will stick around if there is a room for advancement and growth – and they’re trying to secure this for them as much as they can. A great working environment is likely going to bring additional benefits for the company when employees become brand ambassadors of the company itself. Employees who work in friendly and flexible environments are more likely to talk about their companies on social media and are more likely to express pride in their organizations.

These trends will most certainly affect our business, especially our recruitment agency business. We see these trends as an opportunity to expand our services even more in Bosnia and Herzegovina while putting emphasis on the employer branding at the same time.  We are confident that employer branding is crucial to retain and attract talents.  

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