Code of Conduct

Ethics in business

At Alma Media, we take responsibility for our business operations. Our Code of Conduct is firmly rooted in our company’s purpose of building sustainable growth for individuals, companies and society. We promote financially, ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable development both in our own operations and as part of the broader industry, and we also promote the characteristics of corporate responsibility in the industry, such as the reliability of media content and digital services, environmental responsibility and promoting freedom of speech.

The principles of openness and interactivity guide our operations as part of communities. For our part, we are committed to maintaining a transparent business environment and conducting our operations responsibly and ethically. 

Alma Media’s Code of Conduct applies to all employees of Alma Media and its subsidiaries regardless of their position in the organisation and the nature of their employment. The Code of Conduct is supplemented by additional guidelines and principles issued by the Alma Media Group.  We also require our subcontractors and other business partners to observe these principles. 

Our Code of Conduct guides the work of Alma Media’s employees with respect to the management of customer relationships and partnerships, ensuring fair competition and promoting sustainable development, for example. 

Our Code of Conduct has been approved by Alma Media’s Board of Directors and it is available in 11 languages.