Country and Market Introduction: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Interesting facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • The name Bosnia comes from the Indo-European word "Bosana," meaning water. Bosnia is abundant with beautiful rivers, lakes, and waterfalls (one of them exceeding 300 meters in height), as well as the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. Herzegovina derives from the name Herceg Stjepan, an ancient leader.
  • The country is nicknamed the "heart-shaped land" due to its geographical resemblance to a heart.
  • Sarajevo (the capital of B&H) hosted the Olympic Games in 1984. These games marked an era as it was the first time a socialist country hosted the Olympics.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks 10th globally in coffee consumption. Bosnian coffee is a part of the country's identity, symbolizing tradition and reflecting the gourmet mentality of the locals.
  • The Sarajevo Film Festival has become the largest and most renowned film festival in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe.
  • B&H is home to the last remaining primeval forest in Europe, Perućica.

One of the key challenges facing the Bosnian-Herzegovinian labor market is high unemployment rates, particularly among the youth, as well as emigration. This issue results from various factors, including economic difficulties, political instability, and the lingering impact of past wars.

Bosnia and Herzegovina possess a wealth of resources, cultural heritage, and a skilled workforce that forms its foundation. Traditional industries such as metallurgy, wood production, and textile manufacturing are still present, but there is a growing emphasis on sectors like information technology, tourism, and services.One of the country's key potentials lies in its educational system, which has the capacity to produce a qualified workforce tailored to contemporary market demands. However, further alignment of educational programs with employer needs could enhance the competitiveness of the workforce globally.

Bosnia and Herzegovina also benefits from a favorable geographical position and cultural diversity, which can stimulate sectors such as tourism. Development of infrastructure, institutional strengthening, and attracting foreign investments are crucial factors that can stimulate economic growth and create new job opportunities.

Despite challenges, the labor market in Bosnia and Herzegovina unquestionably holds potential for growth and development. Connecting educational programs with industry needs, fostering innovation, and strengthening economic stability are crucial steps towards creating a sustainable framework for future success in this area.

If you plan to seek workforce in BiH, our partner in B&H is the company Kolektiv that offers innovative and dynamic employment solutions to employers and job seekers. Kolektiv is most known for, the leading job portal in B&H, connecting employers and job seekers in the B&H labor market for more than 20 years.

As for the characteristics of job seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the latest trends, it is increasingly preferred to work in a hybrid or remote capacity if possible. Salary is the most crucial factor in job selection. Although it was an unwritten rule until now that the public sector was desirable, job seekers now prefer foreign companies in private ownership. Additionally, job seekers are more open to positions that offer work-life balance, and according to recent research in the region, job seekers in B&H have changed jobs the least in the past year.

Company is also actively engaged in labor market intermediation and development through two other pillars of the company: recruitment agency and local/regional projects.

Here you can find the portfolio of other products in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Agency: the leading recruitment agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is licensed and possesses local expertise, with over 20 years of experience.

Drive: the largest conference on leadership and employee development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Najpoželjniji poslodavac (eng. Most Attractive Employer): the project aims to promote positive human resources management practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, encouraging companies to enhance their relationships with employees and provide excellent working conditions, development, and education opportunities.

Regional Job Fair: the virtual space (online event) connecting employers and job seekers. Both sides can explore opportunities and build connections regardless of geographical boundaries.

Pulser: employee satisfaction survey - a reliable, anonymous, quick, and simple method of establishing company employees’ satisfaction and commitment levels. an international salary survey platform that collects information on the incomes and bonuses of employees in various positions. But that's not all! In addition to the mentioned projects, company supports and implement activities and projects for inclusive employment. Most significant projects of this type are the World Bank project and MarketMakers.

World Bank project: The goal of the project is to support specific groups of hard-to-employ job seekers in finding formal work in the private sector through individualized and market-oriented employment mediation services. In the year under review, advisory services were offered to 600 unemployed women, making it 2564 women since the beginning of the project. Soft skills training was provided to 221 individuals, making it 947 since the beginning of the project, and technical training for 40 project beneficiaries. The project helped 300 unemployed people find a formal job (minimum three months of employment), and since the beginning of the project, 880 unemployed people have benefitted.

MarketMakers: was a private sector development project aimed at job creation for youth. It included non-formal education, career guidance, and support for industry associations. Through this project, they managed to create or improve over 4,600 employment opportunities for young people, with the BPO sector accounting for 48% of the total. The project also focused on improving non-formal education opportunities, resulting in 3,272 young individuals participating in supported educational initiatives, with a focus on increasing the employability of women and people with disabilities.

And finally, why would you choose in the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market?

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