Country and Market Introduction: Croatia

Interesting facts about Croatia: 

  • Croatia has 1246 islands, isles, and inlets for you to sail through. 
  • Almost 10% of Croatia is made up of 11 nature parks, eight national parks, and two nature reserves. The oldest and most iconic of Croatia’s national parks is, by far, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Plitvice Lakes National Park. 
  • Hum in Istria, with a population of around 20, is the world’s smallest town. 
  • The oldest inhabited city in Europe is the eastern Croatian city of Vinkovci. People have lived in the city for the past 8,000 years. 
  • Games of Thrones Kings Landing is in fact Croatian town Dubrovnik. 
  • Thanks to Croats, you look so good in the official suite. Croatians invented the necktie. 
  • The greatest inventor in human history Nikola Tesla was born in the Croatian village of Smiljan. 

Croatia is a country with a rich cultural, historical, and natural heritage. Situated at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Mediterranean, and Southeastern Europe, it boasts a unique position and rich cultural diversity. Croatia is abundant in beautiful natural beauties, such as the national parks of Plitvice Lakes, Krka, Brijuni, and Kornati, and stunning beaches along the Adriatic Sea. 

Economically, Croatia has a diverse economy with strong sectors like tourism, agriculture, maritime, and information technology. The country also has a significant geopolitical position as a bridge between East and West, providing opportunities for cooperation and trade with various countries and regions. 

The rich history, tradition, and natural beauty of Croatia make it an attractive destination for visitors and investors. The country offers great potential for development in many areas and opportunities for growth and progress. 

The labor market in Croatia is challenging, with a high unemployment rate, especially among young people and the long-term unemployed. There are many seasonal jobs in tourism and agriculture, contributing to the fragmented structure of the labor market. The lack of qualified workers in certain sectors poses an additional challenge for the Croatian labor market. 

Despite these challenges, there are opportunities for the development and improvement of the labor market in Croatia. With proper resource management and investments, Croatia can achieve its full economic and touristic potential. 

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Here you can find the portfolio of other products in Croatia: 

HR Days conference: is one of those unforgettable places that you must visit and that you will always come back to. In 2013, the first HR Days conference took place, aiming to promote the HR profession and connect individuals dedicated to the development of human potential. In the meantime, the conference has become the epicenter and the place to which all paths leading to the world of HR events lead. 

MojaPlaća: is a tool that will help you discover and compare salaries for more than 600 positions and the amount of net salary for each specified position. Our platform is part of an international system operating in other countries ( that uses the same methodology for acquiring, collecting, and processing data in research as well as their evaluation. 

Best HR Practices: The history of recognition for successful HR practices dates back to 2010. , when Alma Career Croatia commenced evaluating and awarding quality practices in the field of human resources. Since 2022, the Best HR Practices have expanded to the region, allowing companies from Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia to apply. They have transformed into the Best Regional HR Practices for the first time, and the expert jury, comprised of human resources professionals, has evaluated over 290 submitted projects to date. At the beginning of the year, the virtual world of opens its doors, providing 10 days of continuous opportunities to connect with talented candidates from Croatia and the entire region. The virtual fair doors remain open 24/7, every day, throughout the entire event. This means you have unlimited time to explore, network, and showcase your company to the best candidates. 

The Regional Job Fair: is the largest online job fair in Croatia and the region. The fair traditionally takes place in October in collaboration with partners from the region, including Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, and Slovenia. The Fair is not an ordinary event; it is a bridge that has been connecting companies in search of the right candidates with individuals aspiring for new career challenges for many years. It lasts for eight days and is available to visitors 24/7. It is extremely user-friendly, well-covered by the media, and enables fast and efficient communication between employers and interested candidates. 

EduCentar: is a specialized portal for the promotion of education founded in 2006, and since then it has been a central place where users can find all types of courses, study programs, and business education. Our ability to monitor changes in labor market requirements allows us to more precisely identify the necessary education that aligns with employers' real needs, making us extremely valuable to our users. What is of great value to our users is certainly the possibility of choosing between the same or similar educational programs from different institutions and a simplified way of directly contacting the institution using the form on our website. 

Top Choice Employers: research is a long-standing, annual study. Its purpose is to uncover the most attractive employers in the Croatian job market, according to the public. Each year, respondents create a list of the companies they would most love to work for and share the reasons why these employers have earned their spot on their "most desirable" list. It's important to note that our research method relies solely on respondents' perceptions, using the "Top-of-Mind Awareness" approach. Our reports contain valuable insights into who the most desirable employers are and provide a detailed analysis of the reasons behind their appeal. 

The Pulser: tool is the leading platform for measuring employee satisfaction in Croatia Employers launched the Employee Satisfaction Survey (now PULSER) 16 years ago as a project to raise awareness about the importance of listening to their employees' attitudes, opinions, and needs. The goal of the project was to be useful for both employers and employees. Over the years, we have developed tools that, with concrete data and results, can help you increase employee productivity, retain existing and attract potential employees, increase overall satisfaction, and ultimately improve business results. 

If you are interested in the labor market in Croatia and looking for this workforce, contact the Alma Career Croatian team. We will be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your company.   

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