CSR Success Case from Slovakia

CSR Manager Anna Podlesná informed about Profesia's Corporate Social Responsibility program, which has the goal 2025 to help every other unemployed disabled person to get a job. There are some 250 000 persons with disability pension in Slovakia of which some 155 000 could potentially work if they were given the opportunity.  One way to improve their possibility is to increase awareness among employers and for that Profesia has created a  Manual for Employer. Also a manual has been prepared for Job Seekers with Disabilities.  

The neurodiversity program is part Profesia's Help with Heart CSR initiative. It has expanded from single impact to social innovation, which is based on internal and external data collected from the employers, job seekers and official records.

P.S. Profesia is organizing International conference Neurodiversity in the workplace 22.11. It's a live event in Bratislava with online streaming. Participation is free.