DRIVE Leadership & Talent Conference: Humans after all!

The largest conference on leadership and employee development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the DRIVE Leadership & Talent Conference, took place on October 4th at the Hills Hotel in Sarajevo. As one of the most important events contributing to positive changes in the labor market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the eleventh DRIVE conference hosted many leading international, regional, and domestic experts in the fields of human resources development, leadership, and experts in artificial intelligence.

The conference was organized by Alma Career’s leading job board in Bosnia and Herzegovina -, under the conference slogan "Humans after all". Important topics were explored, such as advanced leadership, new work models, and innovative approaches to talent attraction and retention. HR professionals and leaders had an excellent opportunity to explore the latest trends and strategies in human resource management.

Given the rapid evolution of the world of work, driven by technological advances, including artificial intelligence and automation, the conference aimed to address questions about the future of work. Will it belong to humans or artificial intelligence? How to attract, retain, and manage talent in today's dynamic job market?

Introducing Alma Career

Apart from the surprise factor marked by the presence of artificial intelligence, the conference was officially opened by Mersiha Mima Mehić, the CEO of the company Kolektiv/, in front of more than 300 participants. She spoked on behalf of the Alma Career Group, explaining that Alma Career operates in 16 countries and is a leader in employment in Southeast Europe, the Baltics, the Balkans, and Finland. She emphasized our special mission: "A better world of work for everyone. Inspired by people. Powered by technology," and introduced the new website: As part of the Alma Career family, she assured clients that we will continue to be their best partner in finding and hiring the right candidates.

Mima also highlighted that today's job market demands pushing boundaries continually and emphasized the importance of innovation and technology. "Your participation in the Drive conference confirms that we are not just a meeting place for people who live HR, but who design the future of work. Thank you for being a part of this conference for over a decade. Your trust is our DRIVE".

Highlighted speakers

The conference featured outstanding speakers who generously shared their rich experience and knowledge with conference participants. They included:

  • Lucy Adams, CEO of "Disruptive HR" and former HR director of the BBC, the first speaker at the conference, explored leadership in a rapidly changing world.
  • Butzi (Johannes Alinhac), an international speaker and 4X TEDx speaker, revealed the magic of creating workplace satisfaction through magician's skills.
  • Kreshnik Halili, an IT and information security leader, a member of the Management Board of Raiffeisen Bank dd BIH, shared his experience and insights into the digital era.
  • Nermana Ajanović-Hajdarpašić, Director of Operations at Kolektiv (, guided us through the (R)evolution of the job market.
  • Amelia Kallman, a futurist, international speaker, and one of the leading experts in generative artificial intelligence, explored key aspects of the future of work and the impact of AI on the market, presenting the concept of meta/hybrid work.

Three expert workshops and a panel discussion on "How to create and apply practices that align work and family" were held in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund.

Best HR practices in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The highlight of the conference was the selection of the best HR practices. The competition for the Best HR Practices, powered by the Agency Recruitment Solutions, represents recognition of dedicated and systematic work, teams, and individuals in companies and organizations who excel in managing human potential.

This year, the five finalist projects were presented by companies with the following projects: GS Tvornica Mašina Travnik - "Matrix - Reward and Advancement System," Sarajevski kiseljak - "WoW! (Well of Wisdom) Academy, Internal Academy of the Beverage Group," Atlantic Argeta d.o.o. Sarajevo - "Values Day 2022," Fortenova Group - "DRIVE Beyond Excellence," and Imaco Systemtechnik doo - "Together," which won first place as the best HR practice this year.

The conference concluded with an answer to the key question: "Who does the future of work belong to?" We agreed that the future of work belongs to those who know how to make the best of both worlds, where technology serves people to create a better future together.

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We're excited to welcome you back in October 2024.