Happy new year and happy new brand!

As of this January Alma Career has officially launched its new brand (visible on this site/channel also). The new brand has been created with all the 11 Alma Career countries with a brand promise:  

Better World of Work for Everyone.  

Inspired by People. Powered by Technology. 

Alma Career is driven by the vision of creating a better world of work for everyone. This commitment is rooted in the belief that everyone's skills and abilities are essential in the labor market, especially amid the growing European talent shortage. We recognize that inclusivity extends beyond conventional labor skills, aiming to empower individuals who have often been overlooked in entering the workforce. 

Our dedication to inclusivity is manifested for example in the Profesia Lab program, initiated in 2018. This program is designed to support the integration of disabled individuals into the workforce through practical employment training. In collaboration with various companies, Profesia Lab facilitates internships for disabled persons, fostering a supportive environment for skill development and job placement. We firmly believe that the job market really succeeds when it embraces the diverse talents and capabilities of everyone. 

After a tough 2023, the economic forecast for this year is turning positive and promising. Companies are gearing up to hire again, and work-related immigration is on the rise, aiming to address the decline in the European labor force created by aging population. With new generations, work-life is also changing, with job seekers prioritizing culture- and value-fit roles, along with options for hybrid and remote work, seeking a better work-life balance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the major trend across all digital industries. In the job board market, AI is set to enhance services for both job seekers and employers, simplifying the application and job posting processes to find the best matches. 

In 2024, recruiters need to focus on finding and hiring highly skilled workers, those that best match their open positions. In a tight jobseeker market, employer branding (EB) will become more crucial, requiring companies to elaborate on their company culture, values, and ways of working. It's essential to showcase and provide opportunities for re-skilling, especially considering the rapid advancement of AI. The new job opportunities should be marketed in a way that attracts the interest of the most desirable job seekers, motivating them to apply. 

Alma Career is the top leading job marketplace operator in Central Eastern European region (CEE), playing a key role in the labor markets of 11 countries. While being an international recruiting service provider, Alma Career maintains a local heart. This approach ensures that the local offices of Alma Career are well-positioned to effectively serve both employers and job seekers with local market needs also.  

Wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing you at our HR events!