How are job seekers in Serbia approaching the market in 2018?

Well, as in many other countries today, Serbia’s unemployment rate is dropping. With more positions open and fewer candidates applying for positions, this really is a job seekers’ market.

So, what are candidates looking for? What do they value and how do they behave?

The first thing to note is that more than 40% of candidates are looking for new opportunities via a mobile device. This is an important detail for every company to remember. Creating job advertisements that are highly responsive on mobile platforms is more likely to grab the attention of those 40%, and make it easy for them to seek jobs with that company. Responsive job ad templates are easily found on the largest job portals.

The job advertisement itself should be as detailed as possible. Candidates are drawn to ads that share a lot of information about the company. The advertisement should ideally give the candidate a detailed job description, salary range, company information, working hours, benefits, and maybe even employee testimonials. Job seekers are more interested in larger multinational companies with good interpersonal relations and chances for professional advancement.

Paying attention to the way candidates choose to job seek makes it more likely that companies will fill their vacancies in a very difficult market.

In terms of benefits and salary level, Serbian job seekers are following the trend of many other countries in our region. Salary is still the most influential factor for unemployed job seekers. But for employed job seekers who are not in urgent need of a new job, they may consider the chance to learn and climb the career ladder, a great working environment, and good benefits to be more important motivators to change jobs than salary.

Flexible working hours and a relaxed atmosphere are also becoming more valuable to candidates. And several different benefits that employers should be aware of are also growing in importance in 2018:

  • Education – offering the employees possibilities to grow and learn within the company
  • Private health insurance
  • Snacks and drinks in the workplace

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