How has recruitment in Romania changed in 2018?

In recent years, there has been a shift in the needs of companies and employees in Romania in terms of the type of work, and how it is undertaken. It's common for employees to undertake work remotely nowadays, so flexibility is an important concept for both employers and employees. 

Added to this is the growing expectations of Millennials and Generation Z, who have already begun to make a noise in the job market regarding what their expectations are, and how they approach the recruitment process. 

Millennials and Generation Z are forging their own path 

Millennials and Generation Z are looking for career development, a greater work-life balance and constant feedback to help them grow in their career. Another important aspect for recruiters to consider is that these candidates will often look for a shared vision and similar principles before they agree to undertake a job role. 

Many employers are developing stand alone and relevant strategies, so that they target the very best candidates and meet the needs of both Millennials and Generation Z in the process. A recent study by eJobs Romania shows that 6 out of 10 job seekers wouldn't take a job in a company that has a bad reputation. This is even the case if those candidates were unemployed, which shows that employers must change the way in which they recruit candidates to fill their positions. 

Studies also show that HR professionals are more likely to recruit high-quality candidates in a shorter period of time if they use data-driven recruitment, which is also a big aspect for companies in 2018 when it comes to their recruitment process. 

Creativity is key when it comes to filling those hard-to-fill jobs 

Entry-level positions are hard to fill, and it's difficult for companies to advertise and reach out to candidates who have low self-confidence and lack the experience of other candidates. This means that companies often have to be creative with their techniques, in order to reach inexperienced candidates. 

This may mean using the language and platforms that will resonate with these candidates, to get the message out there. This often means visiting the natural surroundings and places of trust for these candidates, which includes visiting universities if appealing to youngsters searching for their first job.  Other ways may include working in partnership with brands and companies that appeal to those candidates, and creating dedicated platforms so that candidates can engage with the process in a way that they are comfortable with. 

Specific recruitment strategies are important in 2018 

When it comes to the importance of building and maintaining the very best recruitment strategy, it's important for companies to understand the needs of the candidates they're looking to hire. Beyond the recruitment process, it's about maintaining this strategy so that employees feel the need to stick around. 

HR professionals call this process recruitment marketing, and it is a top trend for Romania in 2018. The idea is that marketing strategies are used and developed so that companies can attract the highest quality candidates to open positions. By attracting talented individuals to these positions, the aim is that they choose to stay with the company for many years, to develop their career and seek further opportunities within that one company. This is why recruiters are looking at new ways to attract the best candidates for open positions, and by using platforms that potential candidates are comfortable with, employers can ensure that they are engaged from the start of their recruitment drive.

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