Hungary: Changing role of HR

In 2016 21.6 % of all jobs posted in Hungary were in Trade and sales category. The second largest category was IT which covered 16.6 % of all posted jobs. Most posted job positions in 2016 were very similar to the most posted jobs in 2015, so we believe that this trend will continue also in 2017. Need for IT skills (especially for senior developers) and high demand for sales skills will remain. Many jobs will continue to require good English knowledge and MS Office skills.  In IT category the hardest positions to fill in are: JAVA Developers, .NET Developers, PHP programmers, iOS Developers and Android Developers. In non-IT categories the hardest positions to fill in are: Cook, Car Mechanic, Hairdresser, Electrical Engineer and Driver.

If we look at candidates behavior, it becomes more common for them to change a job and to have lower level of loyalty toward current employers. Candidates are more willing to relocate or to travel longer distance to the work.  Labor market is becoming more flexible, but situation is slightly different in the IT market, where demand is so high that IT professionals can define working conditions. Salary is still an important factor when choosing a company, but the candidates pay more attention to the company culture, values, and the development opportunities.

For companies this means that they need to invest more resources in Employer branding. To retain talent, HR will need to focus on creating development plans for employees, as well as to increase the budgets for training and staff development. It means also that HR function moves from administrative support of other departments to business partnering model. The HR contribution to business development is becoming more recognized. In order to enable HR to offer business support, HR will need to learn more about business itself and its problems. Therefore statistics are becoming more important in human resources. Big data will be used for performance management and planning the HR strategy.

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