Innovative recruitment marketing one of the biggest trends in recruitment in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018

The biggest trend in Bosnia and Herzegovina for this year mainly involves innovative recruitment marketing, including employer branding, as a tool to attract top talent.

Many companies are making the mistake of focusing only on social media, and mainly Facebook, without exploring other branding options and channels. When it comes to hard-to-fill positions in particular, using the omni-channel approach is the best way to go. The first thing to consider when filling such positions is innovative and smart content marketing, to spark the interest of desirable candidates. This is necessary to set the company apart from others in the same industry. That said, some positions do require a headhunting approach and consideration of new channels - or even retiring some of the old advertising models.

In addition to the above, employee referrals are becoming more and more important as they can help attract candidates with similar values and interests. In some cases, if a company is looking for a candidate where there is a shortage of suitable applicants, recruiters might advise the company to hire a less experienced professional, based on their attitude and willingness to learn, and then train them up with the required skills.

The “must-haves” in Bosnia and Herzegovina this year are not only employer branding and use of all the available digital channels, but also a very well planned out and executed recruitment process. A hiring team to answer all the questions of potential candidates throughout the selection process can do wonders for the company in the long run, as well as being transparent.

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