Product of Latvia: TOP Employer

The Top Employer ranking is a prestigious and influential list that highlights the best and most desirable employers in Latvia. Conducted annually, this research is based on evaluations from current and former employees, as well as other industry professionals. It provides employers with insights into their standing in the labor market from an employee perspective, enabling them to benchmark against competitors and enhance their employer brand. Simultaneously, employees have the opportunity to rate their current, former, or potential employers.


The survey is conducted online at the beginning of each year, and this year marked its 13th edition. Its popularity continues to grow, evidenced by the increasing number of respondents annually. Employers are recognized across 12 distinct categories, including the main top of mind category, seven business sectors (IT & Telecom, Global Business Centers, Trade, Production, Finance, HoReCa, Transport and Logistics), and four regional categories within Latvia.

The top three employers in each category receive a special "Top Employer" digital seal. This recognition can be prominently displayed in recruitment activities, such as on the company's career page, in job advertisements, at events, and within the workplace. Employers ranking in the TOP 50 of the main category also receive a digital badge, signifying their status among Latvia's top employers. Additionally, special awards are presented to the best employer in the public sector and the company that has shown the most growth compared to the previous year. In addition to the digital seals, the top three winners in each category receive a detailed report showcasing the demographics of their voters, offering further insights into their employee base.

Awards Ceremony

Each year, a grand awards ceremony celebrates and honors the top three winners in all 12 categories. The ceremony, broadcasted on Facebook, is held in collaboration with one of the employers, allowing them to showcase their workplace, company culture, and employees. The event is hosted at a different employer's venue each year, providing guests with a unique opportunity to gain insights into various organizations.

To add excitement, a relevant theme is selected annually, reflecting current trends in the labor market. For instance, this year's theme focused on artificial intelligence, permeating both the event's content and the entertainment provided. Winners receive a specially designed trophy aligned with the theme of the year.

Business Involvement and Media Coverage

Employers demonstrate significant interest and engagement throughout the survey process. They actively promote participation among their employees and others through social media and internal communications, highlighting the importance of this ranking within the business community.

Following the awards ceremony, winners receive extensive media coverage across news portals, newspapers, radio, and television. Winners also actively share their achievements on social media and company websites, amplifying their visibility and reputation.

The digital badges obtained are widely utilized in company branding, employer branding campaigns, and recruitment efforts. Top employers also receive a special label when posting job advertisements on the job portal

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