Recruitment in Estonia in 2018

2018 will be an interesting and challenging year for recruiters in Estonia. The combination of low unemployment, many job openings with fewer candidates available, and the growing expectations of those candidates brings many variables to the market.

Due to these complicated sourcing and recruitment trends, companies continue to prefer outsourcing the process to recruitment experts that have all the necessary knowledge, networks and experience to get the best candidate for a position.

This also gives company operational HR managers the chance to focus on in-house activities, implement the company’s strategical goals and keep employees happy to retain them.

The recruitment market is challenging and there are many hard-to-fill positions, but there are also many ways to tackle these challenges. For example, an analysis of the position might be a good way to move forward. This can give the company insight into whether the issue is, for example, the job structure or even if hiring a freelancer might be an option.

Sometimes, a company may have put out an advertisement which is too ambitious, where the target audience is completely different from the candidates the company’s HR department wishes to reach. What can also affect the recruitment process is simply an unattractive offer.

Experts in Estonia predict that networking, growing talent pools and mobile-friendly application processes will become more important. They also see the employer brand as important, and how they are presented to the public and in the media. Good publicity can, naturally, improve the number of applications massively, whereas one negative piece of news can make the process very difficult.

In order to have a successful recruitment process, it is advisable for companies to follow the trends and listen to what candidates want.

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