These are Croatia's Best Employers, according to an anonymous survey conducted by MojPosao!

Mark Twain once said, „Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life “. We could supplement this well-known sentence by one of the most important American authors by adding a small addition to it: "or find an employer who truly cares about his employees “.

Thanks to the Employee Satisfaction Survey, for the sixteenth year in a row, the leading employment portal in Croatia MojPosao has been able to find such exceptional companies.

It is an anonymous survey, and the satisfaction rating is given by the employees of the company conducting the research.

MojPosao not only finds such exceptional companies but also rewards them with a special recognition - the 'Best Employer' award.

This year's award ceremony was held this Thursday, as part of the "5D ORGANIZATION: Sustainable company, HR and employees in an ESG environment" conference, organized by Lider magazine and the U4HR association.

This year's best employers in Croatia are: 

  • The Productive Company (amongst small-sized companies)
  • Q agency (amongst medium-sized companies)
  • Infinium (amongst large-sized companies)

Also, all companies that participate in the research for the first time enter the competition for the award of Best new entry. And this year's winner is Kodilion.

This year, some awards were presented for the first time.

In the field of information technology, the best employer is the Q agency, Rimac Technology received the best employee ratings in the production sector, while Logista is the best employer in the trade sector.

About the Employee Satisfaction survey

This year, 67 companies (43% medium, 36% small, 14% large, and 7% micro companies) and 6,700 employees participated in the employee satisfaction survey.

The overall rating of all companies in the survey is 3.35 (out of a possible 4).

Respondents gave the best ratings in the categories: Working conditions and Challenging work tasks. On the other hand, the lowest ratings were given to Involvement in decision-making and Work organization.

The survey also measures employee engagement, and their motivation to further contribute to the development and growth of the company they work for.

These results show that 45% of employees are engaged. In the winning companies, the percentage of engaged employees is a staggeringly high 84%.