Tomaž Berkopec, How to stay ahead of our competitors

Deloglasnik has established itself as a pioneer in the job board industry in Slovenia, and since then has grown into one of the top platforms in the industry. To gain insight about their strategies and future goals, we sit down for an interview with Tomaž Berkopec, the CEO.

Can you introduce us to Deloglasnik?What is the most important thing you would highlight in those years of managing clients, employees, and the company in general?

Deloglasnik is a well-established online job portal that has been successfully serving the Slovenian market for more than two decades. We were pioneers in the job market of Slovenia, launching our platform back in 2000. Recently, in 2019, we underwent a rebranding process to enhance our image and services. Over the years, Deloglasnik has established a strong track record for its reliability, efficiency, and dedication to connecting job seekers with employers. We have been in the market for a long time, which shows our consistent ability to meet our clients' needs and adapt to the ever-changing job market.

One of the standout aspects of Deloglasnik's extensive experience in managing clients, employees, and the company as a whole is their unwavering focus on cultivating robust relationships. We place a high value on comprehending the distinct needs of our clients and aim to offer tailored solutions. By prioritizing the needs of our customers, Deloglasnik has successfully built a strong and dedicated client base. Additionally, our commitment to fostering lasting partnerships has resulted in valuable relationships with numerous companies. In addition, Deloglasnik highly values its employees and fosters a positive and supportive work environment, which leads to a team that is committed and driven.


What were the most challenging moments for you, and and how did you navigate through them? What has Deloglasnik, as a company, learned from them, and how have they shaped you into the leader you are today?

Like any other company, Deloglasnik has encountered its own set of obstacles throughout its existence. One of the major obstacles we faced was maneuvering through the economic downturn and its effects on the job market, while also establishing ourselves as a strong competitor with a brand new identity. Nevertheless, we managed to overcome these obstacles by expanding our range of services and venturing into untapped opportunities for expansion. This experience highlighted the significance of being resilient, adaptable, and resourceful during challenging times.


These difficult times have molded Deloglasnik into a company that values constant growth and development. We foster a culture of innovation and adaptability, empowering our team members to think outside the box and embrace new opportunities. These experiences have also reminded us of the significance of maintaining strong relationships with our clients and adjusting our services to keep up with the changing needs of the job market.

Unlike those difficult days, can you share with us some of the best moments in your business? When were you most proud of yourself or your team as a director?

Throughout our journey, we have encountered our fair share of obstacles, but we have also experienced countless moments of triumph. As the director of Deloglasnik, I am incredibly proud of my team and all that we have accomplished. Receiving recognition and positive feedback from clients and job seekers is always a proud moment for us. We are proud to see how our platform and services have made a positive impact on individuals' careers and businesses' recruitment efforts. This success drives us to keep working towards our goal of connecting people with opportunities.

The job market is constantly changing, especially in the last five years. How does the company cope with all the challenges? The emergence of competition, an increasing number of agencies for foreign workers, and the globalization of the job market. In your opinion is there a future in this world for job boards as we know it?

The job market has gone through significant transformations in the last five years, and Deloglasnik has been proactive in adapting to these challenges. One of our main focuses is to stay ahead of our competitors by consistently enhancing our platform's features and services.

Moreover, Deloglasnik acknowledges the job market's increasing globalization and the emergence of competition from agencies that import foreign workers. In order to remain competitive, we have established partnerships with various international sites that are affiliated with the Alma Career Group. This allows us to expand our job opportunities and attract talented individuals from different regions. By adopting this approach, Deloglasnik maintains its competitive edge and offers a wide range of choices to its clients and users.

Despite the challenges, Deloglasnik remains confident in the future of job boards. As the job market continues to evolve, the demand for streamlined platforms connecting job seekers and employers remains constant. Our dedication to staying ahead of the curve, being flexible, and providing tailored services puts us in a strong position to succeed in this ever-changing environment.


What benefits did Deloglasnik acquire by joining the Alma Career Group?


Through its affiliation with the Alma Career group, Deloglasnik has expanded its network and resources. This collaboration has enabled us to improve our services and expand their reach to a wider audience. Alma Career Group's recruitment and human resources expertise perfectly aligns with Deloglasnik's current strengths. This partnership has allowed Deloglasnik to enhance our platform's functionality, introduce exciting new features, and offer even more comprehensive support to our valued clients and users. The partnership has also allowed for the exchange of knowledge and best practices, helping Deloglasnik to remain up-to-date with industry trends and advancements.


In addition, being part of the Alma Career Group has allowed Deloglasnik to extend its presence beyond the Slovenian market. We now have access to global opportunities, enabling us to serve the needs of both local and international job seekers and employers. The partnership has enhanced our standing as a prominent job portal in the nation, cultivating harmonious relationships and promoting expansion.


What are the future plans?


Our primary goal is to establish ourselves as the dominant player in Slovenia labor market, cementing our status as the top choice for both job seekers and employers in the country. Our goal is to constantly enhance our services and improve the user experience on our platform.

Deloglasnik also understands the value of forming strategic alliances and working together with others. We will actively pursue partnerships with educational institutions, industry associations, and other stakeholders to promote talent development and establish a robust ecosystem that benefits both job seekers and employers. 

Overall, Deloglasnik has ambitious plans for the future. Our goal is to become the top player in Slovenia by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, expanding our network, and delivering outstanding services to our clients and users.