Top 5 requirements Bosnian job seekers have

With an increasing number of opportunities, candidates now have more control in the job market. It is, for example, now quite common for employees in Bosnia and Herzegovina to choose between a couple of job offers before finally changing their position. As the power of choice is shifting to job seekers rather than employers, companies and recruiters must work harder to compete for the best talent.

Here are the top five things job seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are looking for 2018:

1. Employer-Employee Relationships

Based on the research did for the Most Desirable Employer Award in 2017, candidates put good employment relationships and a positive working environment in first place, while job security is down in third place.

2. A quality employer

In the same research, found that employees value companies with high-quality products and services. It is very important to candidates to be able to be proud of the offering of their chosen company.

3. Responsive job ads

Mobile has become the most used channel for job seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2018, mobile ready and responsive websites are a must, as well as user-friendly job board apps and easy-to-use application processes at companies.

4. Flexible working hours 

There is a growing trend for companies to offer flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home at unusual working hours. Job seekers appreciate this flexibility very much. However, there are of course differences between industries and this option is not always expected or, indeed, possible.

5. Safety, clarity, openness and education

Candidates are seeking companies with organizational clarity and structure, and well-defined processes, rewards systems and transparent communication are also appreciated. It is notable that the younger generation seeks companies that can provide them with adequate experience and training to follow the career path they have already pictured for themselves.

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