Vrabotuvanje.com supported the largest HR Conference in North Macedonia

The Macedonian Association for Human Resources once again brought together HR experts at one place, the Holiday Inn Hotel in Skopje, on 28th of September when the 15th HR conference was officially opened.

In his welcoming speech, the President of the Association, Darko Petrovski, introduced the theme of this year's conference and thanked the attendees:

“The theme of the conference is "HR in the Age of Innovation: Navigating the Future of Work" with the aim of exploring all the novelties and relevant areas related to innovation in human resources management and the future of work. And the focus is on the commitments of the European Association for People Management (EAPM), which, under the motto "HR Shapes the New Future," promotes a special focus on four key topics:

  • Building an organizational culture with high trust as a proven model for good results.
  • Equality, diversity, and inclusion as the basis for a favorable work environment.
  • Well-being and work-life balance as the core of good work, high performance, and productivity.
  • Sustainable work through well-designed workplaces, optimized work performance, autonomy, and control.”

Gathering of experts who shape and create the future of work.

The general sponsor of the event, Vrabotuvanje.com and its General Manager Darko Velkov, welcomed the attendees, emphasizing that this is a gathering of experts shaping and creating the future of work:

“This number of participants at our conference confirms just that, as this is not only a meeting place for people who "live and breathe" HR; it's also a gathering of experts who shape and create the future of work. This year's conference program is diverse and exciting. Over the next two days, you will meet fantastic speakers and experts in human resources, hear inspiring stories, and learn about the latest trends shaping our profession. This conference belongs to you, and I have no doubt that in the coming years, we will continue to write the most beautiful pages of the HR world.”

Darko Velkov also officially announced that Vrabotuvanje.com became a part of the Alma Career group that is a leader in employment in Southeast Europe, the Baltics, the Balkans, and Finland:

“Today I’m addressing you not only on behalf of the Vrabotuvanje.com but also on behalf of the Alma Career group. Our Vrabotuvanje.com officially became an equal member and part of this Finnish group from July this year, which we are especially proud of because we have fulfilled our mission and our goal - to make Vrabotuvanje a recognized European brand! Alma Career group operates in 16 countries and together we create: "A better world of work for everyone. Inspired by people. Powered by technology."

One who has the data has advantage.

More than 200 people took part at the largest HR conference in Macedonia. Speakers from Germany, UK, Italy, Turkey, Canada, Croatia, Greece, and Macedonia shared their insights and solutions to the theme "HR in the Age of Innovation: Navigating the Future of Work." Part of the Conference was also the HR EXPO for the companies that were presenting their innovating solutions to help HR managers and recruiters in the recruitment process. But the HR work doesn’t end with recruitment, quite the contrary, after it comes the most difficult part how to keep and motivate employees, how to give them what they want in their world of work.

“Employers should ensure the satisfaction of basic needs in the workplace while also providing employees with opportunities for growth and development, recognizing their achievements, and making their jobs challenging and meaningful. In this way, employers can create a work environment that promotes motivation and job satisfaction among employees. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe that companies can apply to be successful in this regard so it’s important to collect data.

To wrap-up here are some practical steps you need to take:

  1. Measure the public opinion – and do it frequently. I’m not saying you should do it every month, but once a year you should check the pulse of the public.
  2. Take a good look at your job ads - bear in mind that employment is a two-way process in which every party must be satisfied for things to go smoothly. When creating job ads pretend you are the candidate, what would you want to read: rhapsody about how this company is great and a list of conditions, or salary, work environment and benefits that company offer?
  3. Measure the employee satisfaction, make action plans out of that data, take action and track changes.” – stated Antonija Busic Crnkovic from MojPosao, leading job board in Croatia.

Alma Career is proud to have the opportunity to support the development of the HR with Macedonian Human Resources Association (MHRA) so together we create: "A better world of work for everyone.”

We hope that we managed to bring to you a piece of the atmosphere from wonderful and sunny Macedonia and to see you next year in Skopje!