Welcome to Alma Career Central's new Prague headquarters!

The new office is designed with a feng shui layout and to fit our company culture, social needs and hybrid work model.

After 16 years, we have changed the address of LMC's Prague headquarters, marking the start of a change that has been a long time in the preparing. Our new address is now the modern Campus DOCK office complex - a place surrounded by greenery by the Vltava River, with many places for sports and relaxation, but also with great transport links to the city centre and close to the metro station. We managed to build the new offices just one public transport stop away from the former headquarters, and the great advantage of the new space is that we now all meet on one single shared floor. 

The new office is tailored to fit the changed needs brought by COVID-19

The move wasn't just symbolic for us (our original headquarters is called "the Lighthouse" and we've now moved across the river to an area called "The Port"), but it kicked off a new way of how we operate and what we use our office space for.

The change respects the irreversible and dramatic change brought about by covid. When we used to walk through our offices, there were lots of empty desks everywhere, as people nowadays work from home more often than from offices. Also, our long-running "Work from Anywhere" project taught us that we can work just as well when operating in hybrid mode or completely remotely, so it didn't make sense to copy and paste the entire company into a new space somewhere. In the new offices we use the space more efficiently and the side effect is financial savings. 

The new offices mainly give us the opportunity to meet with others, to talk, to create something creatively or just to have an informal human conversation. Therefore, there are many more places where we can meet, both formally and informally. You'll find meeting rooms, collaborative areas, nooks and places to work quietly.

Of course, in the new concept, we have also put emphasis on people who would like to work from home, but cannot concentrate there - they do not have a suitable workplace or have small children at home. We offer them workplaces and zones where they will be comfortable and well equipped to work.

Another important factor in the requirements for the new offices was that people rarely all get together and need to connect online, via calls or video conferencing on a regular basis. We will now have many more places where video calls can be made without disturbing other colleagues in the open space. 

Unique Feng Shui design to allow a good flow of energy

The company that designed the office for us researched our company culture, social needs and relationships to create the perfect workplace for us. There is also a feng shui style layout, which was absolutely crucial for us - from the very beginning, a consultant worked with us on the layout of the space and the flow of life energy, which is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic. Before the actual implementation, more than 300 architectural drawings were created with designs of our space and more than 80 non-standard elements were placed in it.

We are looking forward to all the interesting ideas, thoughts and projects that will be created in our new offices and we believe that our colleagues who visit us as part of the Alma Group will also find their stay in our new headquarters a pleasant experience.